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Hunting, trip three.

The sky looked positively stunning as we walked to our stand in the dark. One of my very favorite parts of hunting is having the frequent chance to see the sparkling universe overhead. Out in the woods, unaffected by the glare of urban development, the sky is dark, clear, full of brightly-glowing constellations. I love it deeply.

We sat in a different spot than the last two trips and it was wonderful to watch the world come to life from another vantage point. It makes everything new and exciting. And we have five more places to sit yet!

We saw a raccoon and a couple of squirrels, but unfortunately, no deer. We are seeing sign. We are seeing them on all the trail cameras. We just haven’t been in the right place at the right time to catch them with our own eyes. The way it goes sometimes. Plus, like last week, weather conditions forced us to only do one hunt instead of multiple ones, which reduced our odds. We are absolutely doing three sits this coming weekend, though. Hopefully, we will finally see some movement and maybe even get a shot opportunity.

Regardless, I am enjoying every minute I spend in the forest, with my love, in serenity and silence. I need regular intervals of total silence to feel at peace inside. Unwound. Hunting fulfills that need, in a way even moreso than hiking because I am completely still. I have no choice other than to just BE, and to be fully present. All the chaos and noise in my head fades away and the weight of my to-do’s, stresses, and responsibilities is lifted or forgotten. That’s what it’s all about.


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